In my artistic exploration, I traverse the realms of materiality and metaphysics, blending the tangible world with abstract concepts. Central to my work is a fascination with aluminum, a medium that not only embodies humanity’s technological evolution but also serves as a canvas to interrogate the nuances of modernity. Through my spin etching technique, I delve into aluminum’s paradoxical journey from precious rarity to a staple of aerospace and futuristic design, using this transformative narrative to mirror the shifting paradigms of our times.

Simultaneously, my practice extends into the abstract realms of quantum theory and the probabilities of the virtual world. Here, I dissect and depict the fundamental building blocks of our spatiotemporal reality, creating sculptural installations that blend the precision of scientific experimentation with the fluidity of artistic expression. These works, often handcrafted with analogue-based mechanisms and informed by open-source technologies, reflect a deep engagement with developmental design and digital innovation.

The underlying threads that weave through my diverse body of work are the principles of repetition, cyclicity, and minimalism. Whether etching the complex history of aluminum or conceptualizing the intricacies of quantum physics, my art is a testament to the dynamic interplay between the seen and unseen, the historical and the futuristic. It is a journey through the layers of our existence, inviting viewers to a space where science and art converge, each piece a microcosm of the broader quest to understand and express the multifaceted nature of our universe.


born in 1984
Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, New Media I – Markus Huemer
UDK Berlin, studio of Prof. Joachim Sauter
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

contact: pustejovsky.michal@gmail.com

2013 – Portuguese Club of Arts and Ideas, Lisbon, Portugal

prizes and awards:
Aberfeldy Village – Artist Commission September 2013, London
Connext Award 2013

solo shows:

Cubiculum Obscurum, Tower Gallery, Frydek-Mistek
Regulator, Atrium Gallery, Prague

Qubit, 2015, Karlin Studios, Prague
Sběratelé času, Avoid Floating Gallery
12^3, Berlinskej Model, Prague

Forgotten Dream, CPAI, Lisbon, Portugal
Clouds and pixels, Galerie Decada, Prague

Babylónská knihovna, Galerie Cella, Opava

Možná budete mít větší štěstí než já, GAVU, Prague
Goethe-Automat, Goethe-Institut, Prague

group shows:


Oxygen. 30 years of moving image, POP-UP Gallery AVU, Prague


The Star Circle, Star Summer Palace, Prague


Future Ready, Kampus Hybernska, Prague


Signal Festival 2016, Prague
Zmrtvýchvstání / Resurrection, Trafo Gallery, Hall 14 Holešovice Market Place, Prague
Spectaculare Art Show: Otisk hudby, Galerie Obecního domu, Opava
Art Prague 2016, Kafkův dům, Prague
Spectaculare Art Show: Otisk hudby, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

Editions of Light II, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague
PRINCIPY – JEVY – POČITKY, Galerie U Prstenu, Prague
After Dark, Drdova Gallery, Prague

8: PLBPRDLKSM, Trafacka, Prague
Insanitus Festival 2014, Vilnius, Lithuania
Pocitová teplota, Bohnice, Prague
Trafačka – Presents Temple of Freedom, Red Gallery, London
Editions of Light, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

„7″, Trafo Gallery, Prague
Zusätzlicher Anschluss, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin
Diplomanti AVU 2013, National Gallery in Prague, Prague
Biopolis, National Technical Library, Prague

Keine Panik auf der Titanik, Puppenklinik Gallery, Prague
Bílé Břehy, Červená Píska
Koncentrát V. “A4”, Brandýs nad Labem
Concentrado V. “A4”, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
SWITCH, Bezalel, Jerusalem, Israel
Dirty, Fast and very Superficial, Empty house, Jerusalem, Israel

Přídavná spojení, National Technical Library, Prague
Temná schránka, GAVU, Prague
Artyčok Event, Divus Prager Kabaret, Prague
ACUO, Republic Square, Prague
Bad Deal, Rohan island, Prague
Finally Together, Galerie Emila Filly, Ústí nad Labem
Koncentrat IV/02 – Made by Readymade, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague
Koncentrat IV/01 – Made by Readymade, Galerie Crux, Brandýs nad Labem
Please don’t touch, Entrance Gallery, Prague
In optima forma, Galerie Emila Filly, Ústí nad Labem
Datapolis, National Technical Library, Prague
7,308.23 kilometers = 4,541.123 miles, Mess Hall, Chicago
Ve vlastním stínu, Galerie 5. patro, Prague

Artfair, Meetfactory, Prague
Možná budete mít větší štěstí než já, GAVU, Prague
Oranzove koukas, private flat gallery, Prague
We Are Waiting for the Perfect Wave, Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz
Koncentrát III – Nejskromnější umění, Galerie Crux, Brandýs nad Labem
Výstava dataismů, Galerie Blacklist, Prague
Salon Chvění, Galerie pod Svícnem, Frýdek – Místek

Born in 1989, St. Andrä church, Gratz
/tmp/ – creative destruction, GAVU, Prague

Sketchstorming, RKF, Prague
Free Pivo, GAVU, Prague
Speculum Artium 08, Mestna galeria Ljubljana, Ljubljan
Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Berlin

Zvukové odlitky, Galerie a klub U Černého Kocoura, Frýdek – Místek

curated shows:

Oranzove koukas, private flat gallery, Prague

Digitale schweinerei, atelier NM1, Prague