Nexus, 2023

“Nexus” is a mesmerizing installation where art and technology coalesce in the tranquil confines of a chapel. Lase

Thread, 2019

material: plastic, motors, microcontroller installation view within Future Ready, Campus Hybernska, Prague

SHADOW TRIANGLE (inside / outside), 2011

This installation was inspired by the scientific concept of black box. “Black box” is any mechanism of which we only know

Attractor, 2013

The word “Attractor” comes from the Latin word attrahere, to attract. Attractor is the region or state whereby a dynam

In one’s own shadow, 2011

The work is inspired by Platonic study of the Ideas. It brings together a state of the probable and of the improbable. Artific

Maybe you will be have better luck than me, 2010

The picture, image, shadow, all of it is someway a man’s projection, which helps us to understand the causalities and even o

Array of Objects, 2015

Arc consists of 12 light elements representing the division of time into hours. Mimicking the motion of a ticking clock, the l

Qubit, 2015

Combining classic media artwork and sophisticated access control software, a fragmented underground is mapped using projection

Quantum Trap, 2015

An abandoned spa where tiled walls, ceiling and floor visually repeat the same square. Angular shapes with the malleable quali

Cubiculum Obscurum, 2017

material: 16 channel analog projection, glass, wood, custom control software installation view within Cubiculum Obscurum, 2017

Exit, 2014

Exit, 2014 material: motor, door, 2 rooms site specific installation within Edition of Light, Chemistry Gallery

Collectors of time, 2015

“Time collectors” exists on the borderland of art, science and design. Therefore there are many interpretations to

Transformation, 2011

site-specific installation inside audio-visual project ACUO, custom LED grid, 3500 LED, 3 x webcam, microcontroller installati

12^3, 2014

material: aluminium, light, microcontroller

Fragmenty prostoru, 2014

kinetická instalace fragmenty prostoru se snaží prozkoumávat uměle vytvořené systémy, aparáty, které interagují ur

Forgotten Dream, 2013

Pavel Janák, theoretician and we could say the founder of Czech Cubism in architecture compares the creative principles of na

Wave or particle?, 2011

Under certain circumstances, the photons behave either as waves or as particles. This observation does not necessarily has to