Array of Objects, 2015

Arc consists of 12 light elements representing the division of time into hours. Mimicking the motion of a ticking clock, the lights turn on and off creating a pendulum-like movement presenting the idea that time exists in an oscillating state with the possibility of moving backwards and not only forwards.

The table on top of a table is a paradox, an unlikely situation that represents the invisible link between objects at an atomic level. In fact they are not tables at all but enlarged models of tables thereby representing the essence of objects and not the actual objects that surround us.

In a separate room there are self-made projectors presenting the alternating states 1 and 0 through the words true and false. Like elementary building blocks, they broadcast an internal rhythm representing the system by which the whole installation exists.

By connecting these objects (the tables, the arch and projections) the invisible apparatus that surrounds us can be sensed. Cause and effect are used interchangeably in this system making it difficult to say what is controlling what if control even occurs.

wood, motors, custom projection boxes
installation view within PRINCIPLE – PHENOMENA – AESTHEMA, Galerie U Prstenu, Prague