Loop, 2016

This sculptural intervention into public space recalls an enormous hourglass and offers much food for thought. The oscillating light inside the sculpture creates a dynamic shadowplay of everyday manmade objects. The cyclic movement of falling and rising miniatures represents some of the fundamental elements of being, from the oscillations of audio strings to the cyclic alternation of night and day, to the circle of life and the very expansion and contraction of our universe. The measure by which we are able to perceive these phenomena is quite abstract. None of us have experienced the big bang or the hypothesised subsequent expansion of the universe. And yet we observe every day how the movement of the sun demarcates the alternation of day and night and how the course of the moon moves the masses of the ocean, creating the ebb and flow of the tides. We are accustomed to taking these phenomena at face value, because they are an integral part of our system.

installation view withing Signal Festival 2016
steel, acrylic glass, LED light, motor, strings, sound