Listing, 2010

Listing is a process during which we usually make a shorcut to the content of a medium without a deeper understanding of it.. Listing through a book is just a superficial peek to ot while listing through a film would be playing it in a forwarded mode, within a compressed duration. Nevertheless, in both cases we would be able to identify the rough content due to our visual experience which was shaping for a long time and which is helping us to surmise a story. In the case of Unix OS listing we are not able to understand what we see since it only shows a fictional diagram of an artificial machinery without describing it. Our visual experience is not helpful in this case. The adjustment of the image (180 degree rotation) emphasizes the difficulty to read and to decipher the listed files. For this reason it becomes something like a universal prayer applied on the artificial world model – an operating computer system.

book, microcomputer, 20 x 10 x 2cm